No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change

Change your habits now before it's too late

Only One Earth

What we are about

Only One Earth makes being eco-friendly and sustainable easy for everyone.

We started so we could leave a better world for our kids and now our mission is so much bigger. 

We want change and we’re done waiting for politicians. We can all take one action that makes an impact. 

We’ve got everything you need to make one small change today.

From the people
From the people
I've ordered from Only One Earth online and bought direct and I'm always impressed by the quality of the products and the extensive range. I'm a soapberry convert and love their homemade dishwasher tablets. Small steps are what it's all about and I'm so happy to be able to support a local small business while making the planet better.
— Nyree Slatter
From the people
Popped in today after walking past so many times. So many lovely things and Sam was awesome to chat to about the product I was wanting to buy. Little Miss enjoyed browsing as well and we can’t wait to try out the watermelon bath bomb! We’ll be back.
— Mina McCarthy
From the people
The stainless steel pegs are brilliant. we have all the colours, stainless steel, rose gold and rainbow. I especially love the way they were described, "these are the type of pegs that you will hand down to the grandchildren".
— Amanda Holt
From the people
I purchased the Australian Pink clay soap to get me started and it has improved the appearance and feeling of my skin. Prompt free delivery, affordable and natural. I've just placed my 2nd order.
— Jayne Black

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How we support the cause

Aside from being the only dedicated eco-friendly store in Darwin and Palmerston, we regularly put our money where our heart is.

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