Hi, I’m Samantha and I’m a busy mum, business owner and the environment’s biggest cheerleader.

Only One Earth started when the idea of leaving my children behind in a world that was slowly dying scared the hell outta me. 

I decided to make changes in my own life but had heaps of trouble finding the products locally or in one place online.

So I fixed the problem myself. 

I started with a basic range at a market stall. I loved seeing people commit to making their first small change at home and start on the path to a low tox lifestyle.

As more people got the message, we added more products and expanded from local markets and online into two physical stores. Now we stock an incredible range of eco-friendly products as well as gifts and homewares made by local artists and crafters.

Every product we sell makes a real difference. 

If you just make one small change today, I’ll be proud of the impact I’ve made on the future of this planet.

Our purpose

We’re done waiting for politicians to take action for us.
We make our own change. One small step at a time.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing

You have way more power than you think. It might feel small but every single decision you make has an impact on you, the people around you and the world.

It can be as simple as switching up your laundry detergent, choosing a wooden toothbrush or using our refill station to cut down the single use plastics in your home.

One decision each day that is better than the one before.

Imagine if every Australian made just one small change.