1kg Natural Beeswax Pellets White Pharmaceutical Cosmetic Grade Candle Bees Wax

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A pure and certified pharmaceutical grade beeswax in a convenient pellet form. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic grade so you can rest assure that they are safe to be in contact with food and our bodies.

Use alone for perfectly natural candles or a great addition to many body products such as DIY balms and food wraps. Used in candles, encaustic art, cosmetics, body preparations, creams and ointments etc.

As this is a natural product, colour may vary between batches, from a pale white to off white.



Due to Western Australia’s, Norfolk Island’s, and Kangaroo Island’s restrictions on this bee product, all orders to those areas will be cancelled and refunded.

It is your responsibility and liability to ensure that you adhere to your local area importation laws regarding this bee product and bee products in general.

 If you are in Tasmania, you will need to send us the Health Certificate for the Importation of Queen European Honey Bees and Bees Wax form as soon as you place your order. Failure to do so will result in cancelling and refunding your order due to Tasmania’s bee product importation laws and biosecurity.


Please Note: As this has been processed to BP (British Pharmacopeia) Grade for cosmetic and pharmaceutical use, the natural honey smell has been slightly removed.

Package Includes:

BP Grade White Beeswax Pellets in Resealable Bag.