Beech Wood Hairbrush


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Beech Wood Hairbrush

  • Made from beech wood, bamboo and natural rubber
  • Biodegradable.

Keep your locks tamed with this completely biodegradable beech wood hairbrush. Normal hairbrushes are made from plastic and sit in landfill for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. 

Made from sustainable beech wood with bamboo bristles and a natural rubber pad, this hairbrush is an easy swap in your routine to help save the planet. 

The bamboo bristles will give you a nice head massage too.

Remove hair from the brush regularly and keep it out of water to make it last. 

Waste free disposal

When your brush is ready to retire, pop it in your compost heap or bury it in the backyard and let it biodegrade.

Sustainable packaging alert

Wrapped in recycled and recyclable packaging, just pop it in your recycling bin.

Accessories not included

With every purchase of our hairbrushes we donate $1 to a chosen charity