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Wheatbags Love - Eye Pillows - Banksia Sky

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This Wheatbags Love Eye Pillow is an all natural and soothing pillow alternative that can help when you have a headache, want a restful sleep or even treat your tired and puffy eyes! With its cooling weight over your eyes this wheat pillow will help you relax, whilst the scent of organic lavender will ease stress and lull you off in to a restful sleep!

Hand made in Australia, this eye pillow  is made with 100% natural cotton and filled with organic lavender and wheat. Each one has a beautiful watercolour print painting of the Australian native Banksia on one side, whilst the other has a soft blue cotton.

It is the perfect size for placing over your eyes or it can even be used for using as a pocket warmer, headaches and brilliant relaxing nanna naps! Warm in the microwave (30-60 secs only) for a mini heat or chill in the freezer for a soothing eye pack.