Toilet Cleaner Sheets


Discover the future of eco-friendly cleaning with Activated Eco's Plant-Based Toilet Cleaner Sheets. Revolutionize your cleaning routine while supporting a healthier environment. Our advanced toilet cleaner sheets offer an effective solution without the drawbacks of bulky plastic containers and harsh chemicals.

Features and Benefits:

  • ✅Plant-Based IngredientsCarefully chosen for their strong cleaning ability, they provide an effective clean that is also good for the environment.
  • ✅Effortless Cleaning: Our pre-measured sheets take the guesswork out of cleaning, providing just the right amount for optimal results.
  • ✅Rapid Dissolution Technology: Designed to dissolve quickly in water, releasing potent cleaning agents for maximum efficiency.
  • ✅Powerful Stain Removal: Tackles tough stains and odors, leaving your toilet sparkling clean.
  • ✅Eco-Friendly Approach: No plastic bottles, no harmful chemicals, just plant based cleaning power.
  • ✅Zero Waste Packaging: Committed to sustainability, our packaging is completely recyclable.
  • ✅Septic Tank Safe: Formulated to be safe for your home and the environment.
  • ✅Convenient and Mess-Free: Say goodbye to spills and drips with our easy-to-use sheets.
  • ✅Fresh Finish: Leaves your toilet clean with a fresh scent.
  • ✅Ideal for Regular Use: Perfect for regular cleaning routines or deep cleans.

The Ultimate in Toilet Cleaning Simplicity:

  • Simple to Use: Just one sheet per clean. Place it in the toilet bowl or dissolve in water for an effective clean.
  • No More Guesswork: Pre-measured sheets mean you use the perfect amount every time.
  • Subscription Option: Enjoy the convenience of regular deliveries and save money.


  1. Select a Sheet: Take one sheet from the eco-friendly box.
  2. Apply: Place the sheet directly in the toilet bowl and let it dissolve.
  3. Scrub: Use a toilet brush to spread the formula evenly, ensuring a comprehensive clean.
  4. Flush for Freshness: After scrubbing, simply flush to reveal a brilliantly clean toilet.
  5. Subscribe and Save: Opt for regular deliveries and never run out of your Activated Eco Toilet Cleaner Sheets.