Organic Spearmint and Tasmina Wakame Toothpowder


A healthier mouth and whiter teeth without the chemicals.

A subtly sweet, refreshingly flavoured natural toothpaste alternative without the fluoride, preservatives, synthetics or foaming agents. Our food-grade tooth powder combines Australian Kaolin Clay, Bentonite, Calcium Carbonate and natural antibacterial ingredients to gently clean and polish teeth. While also helping remove plaque and remineralising the enamel while detoxifying the mouth. Organic Tasmanian Wakame, a kelp extract, is a natural antibacterial, while Spearmint has antifungal properties. Each jar of water-free formula prevents 3 toothpaste tubes going to landfill.

50 G / 1.76 OZ

Kaolin (Australian White Clay), Bentonitum (Australian Bentonite Clay), Calcarea Carbonica (Calcium Carbonate), Sodium Bicarbonate (Bi-Carb Soda), Mentha Spicata (Spearmint) Essential Oil*, Stevia Rebaudiana (Stevia)*, Azadirachta Indica Leaf (Neem) Extract*, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Aloe Vera) Extract*, Curcuma Longa Root (Turmeric) Extract*, Fucoidan (Tasmanian Wakame) Extract*. * Certified Organic