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Menstrual Pads

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Liners 7 inches

Light 8 inches

Regular 9 inches

Heavy 10 inches

Each pads contains extra heavy bamboo fleece and bamboo terry, both of which are the best quality and most absorbent available at 500GSM per layer. 

liners/lights - 500gsm

regular/moderate - 1000gsm

heavy/ultimate - 1500gsm 

All pads are contain a PUL (pul being the breathable but waterproof layer used in cloth nappies for little ones)

The first and last layers of the pad are made with 100% cotton, with the back fabric always being plain black.

What are cloth menstrual pads?

Cloth pads are the environmentally friendly version of store bought menstrual pads. They come in a great range of shapes, fabrics and absorbency levels, are reusable, budget friendly, chemical and bleach free and best of all comfortable!

How do you use them?

The same as any store bought pads. Choose your absorbency, snap the wings together around your underwear and you are good to go

How do I clean them?

If you are out and about, pop them into a small wet bag. If at home, rinse straight away or place in a bucket or container until you are ready to wash. Normal machine wash on cold and air dry is best. Treat them right and they can easily last you 2-5 years, and sometimes even longer!

How to get the best fit

Underwear plays a huge part in the fit and comfort of cloth pads. If they are not feeling or sitting right, try them with a different style of underwear.

Will they stain?

If properly cared for no. However, if you do find marks or stains appearing on your pads, simply leave them to soak overnight with a cleaner and dry in full sun

Will they leak?

Not if you change them regularly just like you do with store bought pads. Some people may find they need to change their style of pad for better coverage with a wider front or back section - which is another great thing about cloth, being able to find the right shaped pad for your own body and menstrual needs.\

Are there any no don'ts? 

Yes, please do not tumble dry as you can melt and warp the snaps. Do not use fabric softener as it will lessen the absorbency of your pads.


  • Chemical free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Comfortable
  • Visually appealing
  • Multiple lengths and absorbency options
  • Less 'period'' smell
  • Long life span
  • No risk of TSS ( Toxic Shock Syndrome)
  • No need to run to buy pads every month as they are always on hand
  • Reduced risk of irritation from synthetic fibers


  • You may need to change more often depending on your flow
  • You are responsible for cleaning them
  • You will need a small wet or zip lock bag with you while you are out and about