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Lunette Disinfecting Wipes 10 pack

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The Lunette Disinfecting wipes are here to make your life easier. These fragrance-free and irritant-free biodegradable wipes are your Lunette Cups best friend. The disinfecting wipes allow you to safely sanitise your cup between wears eliminating all germs for happy and healthy wear. The portable wipes make using your Lunette Cup easy wherever you. 

How to use: Start by washing and wiping your Lunette Cup dry with a tissue then use the Lunette Disinfecting Wipes to sanitise the cup. Be sure to let your cup dry completely before inserting again.

About this brand:  Lunette is on a mission to change attitudes towards periods. They’re eco-friendly period products are changing the way women live their lives during their periods by actually working with women, not against them. Their products are safe, comfortable and better for the planet with no nasty chemicals so you know exactly what’s going into your body.

Ingredients: Made from eco-friendly viscose plus water and alcohol.