Laundry Detergent Sheets - Unscented




🌿 1 Sheet = 1 Load
🌿 Save $ from only 26c per load
🌿 Septic tank safe
🌿 Zero Waste
🌿 Space-saving Packaging
🌿 Plant-derived - Clean with Coconut
🌿 Gentle on Clothes, Skin & Planet
🌿 Suitable for Hot & Cold, Top & Front Load Washing
🌿 Hypoallergenic (Paraben, Phosphate, Chlorine Bleach FREE)



    Activated Eco Laundry Strips take the guesswork out of measuring for your load. There will be no more spilling of liquid or powder, that only adds to the list of chores to do!
    The pre-measured strips are simply placed in your machine with your load, or up in the detergent tray… then choose your cycle and wash away! 

    For smaller loads you can easily tear them and simply use half a sheet