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J Luehders Soft Vegan Lollies Red Berries (80g)

J Luehders Soft Vegan Lollies Red Berries

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Soft Vegan Lollies with Red Berries

These juicy fruit jelly lollies are delicious and completely free of gelatine and 100% vegan. They are made with fruit juice and pomegranate, apple, elderberry and blackberry. Made with 20% fruit juice. 

Made in Germany. Wrapped in a recyclable snack wrapper. Please recycle with Redcycle or TerraCycle. 

J. Luehders is a German brand making delicious vegan lollies. They have been making vegan candies for 100 years, since 1909. So veganism isn't new! Their candy is free of gelatine, artificial colours and artificial flavours and packed with yummy fruit juice. We'll admit they're not the healthiest snack but they are delicious!