Almond Mylk Base


Almond Mylk Base 

  • Makes up to 10 litres of almond milk
  • Jar 300g
  • Made of raw almonds, organic mesquite, organic arrowroot, macrobiotic sea salt
  • Insecticide free.

  • Never buy almond milk again! Make your own using Almond Mylk Base.

     One jar of Almond Mylk Base makes 10 litres of almond milk, suitable for sweet or savoury dishes and an excellent, tasty alternative to cow's milk. Store it in the pantry or the fridge - it's a great staple.

    Almond Mylk Base is unsweetened so you have complete control over how sweet you make your milk. Just add your desired sweetener when making your batch.

    Waste free disposal

    Each cloth will last approximately 4 to 6 months and once they've reached the end of their life, just pop them into the compost or bury them in your backyard and watch them break down! 

    Sustainable packaging alert

    Recycle or reuse the glass jar when you're done.